Improve Front-Line Team Performance Through Real-Time Customer Feedback

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Stella Connect is a performance management tool for front-line teams. With Stella Connect, you will be able to increase employee motivation, reduce employee churn and transform the way you approach QA and coaching. Discover the benefits of Stella Connect for your Customers, Agents and Managers

Customer Experience

Collect Agent-Focused Customer Feedback

Stella Connect leverages real-time customer feedback to drive front-line performance management. With Stella Connect, feedback requests are sent to customers after every service interaction. Requests include a photo and bio of agents, which humanizes the service experience and drives response rates of 40-60%, giving more representative insights for QA and coaching.

Employee Motivation

Reward Your Customer Service Agents With Stella Connect

Customer-Directed Rewards

Customers use Stella Connect to suggest rewards for a job well done. This gamified approach creates deeper customer connections and motivates and engages your front-line team. You can choose from physical or recognition based rewards and specify how many votes agents need before receiving a reward.

Gather Deeper Insights

A customizable additional question enables you to dive more deeply into the quality of your customer experience. Use this additional question to track first contact resolution rates, collect Net Promoter Scores, or gather feedback on specific company initiatives.

NPS Score - Customer Feedback Survey

Spotlight Improvements With Service Agents

Spotlight Areas for Improvement

After sub-par service interactions, Stella Connect instantly captures suggested areas for improvement. These agent-focused insights create micro-coaching moments and highlight performance issues at a scale that is simply not possible with traditional QA programs.

Use Great Service to Drive Sales

Stella Connect’s humanized and gamified approach to collecting customer feedback enables you to build deeper customer connections. Sharing features enable you to leverage these connections to drive social mentions and push special offers, which is a valuable by-product on top of our core performance management features.

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Agent Experience

Employee Motivation

Real-Time Feedback Streams

Customer ratings, feedback and reward votes collected through Stella Connect flow into real-time streams for each of your agents. These streams drive employee motivation and incentivize your agents to perform at their best during every interaction.

Agent Trends Dashboards

Alongside feedback streams, your agents can access trends dashboards which highlight their performance over time, summarize areas for improvement and enable them to see how their performance compares to their team and the company as a whole.

Performance Management Software

Employee Motivation

Team Leaderboards

Performance leaderboards highlight top performing agents and help create friendly competition across your front-line team. Leaderboards auto-update every hour and are optimized to display perfectly on monitors around your contact center.

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Manager Experience

Manager Performance Streams

Real-time streams deliver in-the-moment visibility into the performance of individual agents, teams, or your department overall. With 40-60% response rates, these insights transform the way you approach performance monitoring and free up your QA team to focus on 1:1 training.

Contact Center Performance Management Software

Performance Management Software

Performance Dashboards

Individual, team and department-level data flows into reporting dashboards, providing a macro and micro view of performance over time. These dashboards enable you to identify top- and bottom-performing teams and service channels, and instantly spotlight areas for improvement.

Out-Of-The-Box Integrations

Stella Connect integrates seamlessly with all major CRM platforms. Integrations enable feedback requests to be automatically triggered, and allow you to pass interaction-level data into Stella Connect, which provides richer context to the customer feedback you collect.

Customer Experience Management

Employee Rewards

Data return API

A data return API enables data collected through Stella Connect to flow into any customer data warehouse, marketing automation platform or analytics system. This provides deep insights into the customer journey and extends the value of Stella Connect beyond your front-line team.

“Stella Connect is an amazing asset for our team at Jet and is helping us take our service to the next level with a win-win for both our team and our customers.”

Marc Lore, CEO of

Success Stories

Why Stella Connect

Performance Management Software

Improve Team Performance

Instantly identify your top and bottom performers through an ongoing stream of real-time customer feedback.

Contact Center QA

Optimize Your QA

Supercharge your QA program by collecting 20 or more pieces of actionable voice of the customer feedback every day on each employee.

Contact Center Solutions

Retain Your Top Talent

Motivate and engage your team through a constantly updated stream of customer-directed feedback and rewards.

Customer Experience Management

Identify Coachable Moments

Develop group, team and one-to-one training programs based on direct customer feedback on the performance of your team members.

Improve Customer Service

Hire Smarter

Use voice of the customer insights to understand the top attributes of your front-line team and use the insights to make smarter hiring decisions.

Improve Customer Service

Humanize Your Brand

Add a personal touch to your sales and service workflow to increase revenue and drive deeper customer loyalty.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Stella Connect

No, not at all. Stella Connect is designed to supercharge the performance of service and sales teams. It uses customer-driven ratings and comments (and even employee rewards!) to accomplish this. This employee-focused approach, combined with our sky-high response rates, means that you have an unprecedented volume and depth of insights to manage your team, from recognizing and promoting top performers to training or removing bottom performers.
No, the employee rewards program is up to you - customers just suggest rewards that they think the person they interacted with deserves. Don’t worry though, if you don’t have budget for physical rewards like a cup of coffee or lunch, there are recognition-based rewards that you can choose from instead, like a high-five, the best parking spot, or a shout-out during a team meeting. Both tangible and recognition-based rewards have been proven to significantly boost team morale. Also, Stella Connect includes helpful features that take the headache out of managing your rewards program. You can use these features to select your rewards, set reward thresholds, track fulfillment and much more.
It does. Stella Connect can be used for phone, email and chat interactions.
Stella Connect is for companies in any industry that employ front-line staff to interact with customers. Companies across retail, financial services, insurance, travel, education and many other industries are successfully using Stella Connect to get the most out of their front-line teams. The product has also proven to be a terrific tool for companies to use for internal company support teams.
Response rates to Stella Connect feedback requests range from 40-60%. Of respondents, over half leave comments and suggest employee rewards. Our clients tell us that this level of engagement is unmatched by anything they have seen before. As a result, companies using Stella Connect can do more with the data and insights to manage, motivate and optimize their team’s performance.

Using Stella Connect

Yes, we’ve built direct integrations with Zendesk, Salesforce and and also have a full-featured API for more custom integrations. Integrations are quick and easy to set up. Most companies start with Stella Connect by manually sending feedback requests, and once they see how it works they will then integrate with their CRM system.
We built Stella Connect to be as easy as possible to get up and running. When you first login, there is a step-by-step guide to help you get started. Our client services team is always on hand to help, and we also have an online help center and customer community to answer any additional questions.
Absolutely. You can update the look and feel of your feedback requests to match your brand’s visual identity, and you can change the content to match your brand voice. Stella Connect comes pre-populated with default language and settings that we’ve found perform exceptionally well. You can use these settings as a starting point and customize from there.
Yes. This functionality helps ensure that customers don’t receive a second feedback request if, for example, they have a follow-up question immediately after their initial inquiry. You can also ensure that customers on your unsubscribe list do not receive any requests for feedback. You can easily customize these types of settings within the product.
Absolutely. Stella Connect is a great way to drive employee motivation across your outsourced contact center team and make them feel more connected to your brand, while also giving you greater visibility into their performance as a third-party vendor. Many of our clients who use third-party contact centers have found Stella Connect to be an invaluable tool, and the outsource vendors find it significantly improves the quality of service provided by their staff.