Stella Connect:
Front-Line Engagement and Performance Management

Motivate Your Front-Line Team

Instantly increase engagement and morale across your front-line team by harnessing real-time customer feedback and customer-directed rewards.

Supercharge your QA Program

Remove the guesswork from your QA program by collecting front-line performance data on up to 50% of all customer interactions. Use the insights to inform which interactions to review and which agents to focus on most closely.

Power In-the-Moment Micro-Coaching

Drive continuous performance improvements by delivering customized coaching when it matters most: immediately after an interaction takes place.

Drive Self-Correcting Behavior

Reduce the burden on your team leaders by sharing actionable performance insights directly with your agents. These real-time insights will empower your agents and help reinforce previously delivered coaching programs.

Run More Effective 1:1 Meetings

Use macro- and micro- performance insights to add deeper context to your 1:1 meetings and guide more effective and impactful coaching.

Power Service Recovery

Use real-time feedback to instantly make things right with customers after sub-par service experiences, then trigger follow-up requests to track the impact of your service recovery program on customer sentiment.

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