Stella Connect Star of the Week – Petrina at Pottery Barn

At Stella Connect, our mission is to use real-time customer feedback to drive engagement and motivation across front-line teams. The Stella Connect Star of the Week blog series highlights one amazing piece of customer feedback received via Stella Connect each week. These pieces of feedback help illuminate the amazing work that front-line staffers are doing every single day.

This week, we congratulate Petrina at Pottery Barn, who received this comment from a customer:

“Petrina demonstrated genuine care about the product I ordered from Pottery Barn being properly delivered to my home. She was kind and warm on the call, a personal understanding that if one orders an expensive product online, from a reputable company, one would hope that it would arrive in the condition that it was ordered. Petrina was the most helpful customer service representative I’ve worked with in years, i.e. she typed in the specifics of my (second) request word for word, and was engaged throughout. It is SO rare to encounter a phone representative who shows genuine kindness, let alone attentiveness, for the caller. Thank you, Petrina!!”

Congratulations, Petrina and Pottery Barn! Keep up the great work.