Stella Connect Star of the Week – Georgia at ModCloth

At Stella Connect, our mission is to use real-time customer feedback to drive engagement and motivation across front-line teams. The Stella Connect Star of the Week blog series highlights one amazing piece of customer feedback received via Stella Connect each week. These pieces of feedback help illuminate the amazing work that front-line staffers are doing every single day.

This week, we congratulate Georgia at ModCloth, who received this comment from a customer:

“GREAT customer service! I didn’t feel I was being rushed in any way. Georgia was so willing to work with me in trying to find alternative dresses as there was a computer issue and I never did receive my original order. Also, my CC was charged for that item and a refund was immediately put through. She was very genuine about the unfortunate situation I encountered. I was so pleased with her concern and trying to make things right for me. Georgia even offered to keep a watch out for me of dress styles I might be interested in as the original dress I ordered was for an upcoming wedding. Kudos to ModCloth for your team!”

Congratulations, Georgia and ModCloth! Keep up the great work.