Stella Connect Star of the Week – Christopher at CARiD

At Stella Connect, our mission is to use real-time customer feedback to drive engagement and motivation across front-line teams. The Stella Connect Star of the Week blog series highlights one amazing piece of customer feedback received via Stella Connect each week. These pieces of feedback help illuminate the amazing work that front-line staffers are doing every single day.

This week, we congratulate Christopher at CARiD, who received this comment from a customer:

“I am telling you: so far the most experienced, most responsive, most caring person I have dealt with! I received superior customer service. Email follow-ups, phone calls – you name it, he provided it all. This is the reason why I would choose you to purchase my products. Because of Christopher, who set the bar very high, I will look to purchase more products from you. Please provide him with an award! I have many friends and car dealers that would appreciate working with Christopher. You just increased your sales because of his customer service. I will inform all the people I know to come see Christopher if they want any tires or rims. WOW, what a service!”

Congratulations, Christopher and CARiD! Keep up the great work.