Stella Connect Star of the Week – Robert at HotelTonight

At Stella Connect, our mission is to use real-time customer feedback to drive engagement and motivation across front-line teams. The Stella Connect Star of the Week blog series highlights one amazing piece of customer feedback received via Stella Connect each week. These pieces of feedback help illuminate the amazing work that front-line staffers are doing every single day.

This week, we congratulate Robert at HotelTonight, who received this comment from a customer:

“Robert worked so diligently to get me a room. He listened to me vent and was apologetic about how the mistake in booking had been a real inconvenience for me. I was so impressed with how Robert took responsibility for the booking mistake. It made me feel like he had my back and was going to fix the problem and find me a place to stay – which he did! I didn’t have to sleep in my car that night thanks to Robert, and being on a road trip.. that was huge for me. In those moments you kind of have to surrender and trust that the person on the other end of the phone has your best interest in mind and is taking care of you, and Robert totally did. Thanks again, Robert!”

Congratulations, Robert and HotelTonight! Keep up the great work.