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Omnichannel Mystery Shopping

We help you measure the quality of your operations and your service performance at a granular level through objective mystery shopping. Measurement can span stores, contact centers, fulfillment operations or a combination of the three to provide a true, 360 degree perspective of your touchpoints with customers. Data and insights go through a rigorous QA process before being uploaded into customizable online dashboards.

Performance Benchmarking

StellaService was the first company to create a syndicated dataset collecting daily performance metrics across contact centers and fulfillment operations. Our StellaService Ecommerce Index has become a widely quoted barometer that pinpoints best practices across hundreds of service and operational dimensions. This Index forms a central part of our Stella Metrics product, and you can leverage the syndicated insights to compare your performance against other service leaders, to set goals, and to inform operational investment priorities.



Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Our customer satisfaction tools are a perfect complement to the objective data we collect through omnichannel mystery shopping. We work with clients across a broad range of industries to gather real-time customer feedback after service and sales interactions. Feedback can range from NPS to questions exploring service performance, product development or operational effectiveness. You can also capture more in-depth 1:1 feedback through Customer Intercepts conducted in stores. As well as providing actionable insights for driving change across your organization, this customer feedback can also help drive front-line employee motivation.

Employee Motivation Programs

At the heart of best-in-class service organizations are best-in-class front-line teams. We know that motivated and engaged front-line team members will always do a better job delighting customers, which is why we created Stella Connect. With Stella Connect you can use individualized real-time feedback and customer-directed rewards to boost employee motivation across your front-line team. Using Stella Connect to motivate your front-line team creates a virtuous cycle of performance improvement that has been proven to increase service quality and drive more sales.

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Turn your customer service into a marketing tool through Stella Connect's social function

Service-Driven Marketing

We believe that exceptional service is the most untapped growth driver businesses have at their disposal. We have built service-driven marketing solutions into our Stella Metrics and Stella Connect products that allow you to use great service to drive sales. You can use Stella Metrics to increase the performance of your advertising and improve onsite conversion rates, and Stella Connect to turn your customers into valuable brand ambassadors who help deliver revenue across your ecommerce business.

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Strategic Advisory

Testing a new market, launching a new store concept, looking to outsource your contact center? Our strategic advisory service can help guide your decision making process. Custom data pulls from across our syndicated dataset, combined with qualitative insights from our team of analysts, will provide you with highly valuable and actionable insights. As part of our advisory service, we can also connect you with non-competitive companies facing similar challenges as yours to ensure you can share best practices and get set up for success. Contact us today to learn more.

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