Publix: A Customer Service Success Story

Putting customer experience first in your business is a mindset. Companies with the best customer service are ones who make it a core of their operation, not just a motto on the break-room door.

The Wall Street Journal had an article on how Publix supermarket is thriving above the competitors by keeping customer experience the primary focus. The Publix story is one of the best examples of putting your customer first with every business decision. The company is certainly doing things right as it received an 82 out of 100 on the American Customer Satisfaction Survey and has expanded operations while competitors are cutting back.
Strategy: Customer Experience Focus

There are several key reasons why Publix is a leader in customer experience. First, the company is firmly rooted in the idea that every employee makes a difference. The company is employee-owned and all bonuses are performance based. The most impressive is the internal promotion process. Most of senior management started out working with the merchandise, deli, or back stock room operations. It’s being apart of a team rather then the success of a singular position. Regardless of an employee’s position, if a customer needs help, they jump right in.

Secondly, Publix sees business through the eyes of their customers. When food prices started to rise, the company lowered prices on essential such as milk and bread. The company also maintained the same level of staff. Management understood layoffs would hinder both employee teamwork and the customer experience.

Publix’s story has great customer experience written all over it. They thrive because they know everything affects the customer experience.