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Stella Metrics enables companies to measure the quality of their service operations and see how they compare against best-in-class service performers.

Objective Measurement

Stella Metrics data is collected by a team of service analysts around the world. This team stress tests companies multiple times a day and measures a complete range of speed and quality metrics. Hundreds of data points are collected through these interactions providing unmatched visibility into service performance.


Many of the world's largest brands rely on Stella Metrics to measure and optimize service performance

Real-time Dashboards

Data collected through our service analysts flows directly into fully customizable dashboards. As well as delivering a macro view into overall performance across different service channels, companies use these dashboards to uncover interaction-level insights at an agent level. These granular insights help power highly customized training, development and recognition programs.



Benchmarking Performance

Service operations too often operate in a vacuum. With Stella Metrics, companies can benchmark their performance against a curated index of the world’s service leaders. This syndicated data provides valuable context into service performance and highlights areas for improvement and investment.

Turning Data Into Insights

Data is nothing without insights. Our data analysts work hand in hand with our clients to uncover deep, actionable insights about their service operations. This team is at the forefront of the service industry and is regularly called on by the media to provide commentary and analysis on industry trends.



Service-Driven Marketing

The power and value of Stella Metrics data is recognized across the industry. As a Stella Metrics client, your service data can be included as part of a feed syndicated to Google. This feed drives Google’s Seller Ratings program which can deliver significant uplift in the performance of your AdWords campaigns.

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