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Objective Performance Measurement

Are you delivering a consistent customer experience across all of your stores? With Stella Metrics In-Store you can access a network of more than 100,000 trained shopping analysts to conduct detailed, objective audits of your in-store experience. These audits are fully customized to your business and can test store conditions, the quality of customer engagement, compliance with internal and legal standards and the implementation of promotional and training programs.



Customer Intercepts

Customer Intercepts provide you with valuable, in-the-moment feedback directly from customers. Customer Intercepts enable you to dive into specific topics, such as testing new store concepts, understanding why shoppers are / are not purchasing your products, and uncovering insights into what customers would change about your in-store experience. Customer Intercepts can be targeted at specific demographic groups to ensure you’re collecting the most representative feedback for your business.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

With In-Store Customer Satisfaction Surveys, you can generate quantitative insights into the quality of your in-store customer experience. Surveys are distributed at the point of purchase and can be fully customized to explore the topics that are most relevant to your business. Surveys can be used to measure topics such as brand advocacy, the quality of customer service, purchase intent, promotions and product offerings. Our research team will help develop your custom survey to ensure the insights deliver maximum impact for your business.



Reporting dashboards

Stella Metrics In-Store data is displayed within custom dashboards that enable you to uncover insights across a range of dimensions. You can access aggregate data, store-level data, or data on individual interactions. Permissioning capabilities within the platform enable you to restrict access for different users. This feature enables you to limit access to individual store managers so they can remain focused on the insights that matter. Before any data points are uploaded into the Stella Metrics In-Store platform, they go through a rigorous QA process. Our research error rate is below 0.5% and we’re extremely proud of the quality that we deliver to our clients.

In-Store Experts

Before a Stella Metrics program is launched, our team of in-store specialists will guide you through program creation. This team will spend time understanding your specific business objectives and will advise on the right blend of solutions, whether that is Objective Measurement, Customer Intercepts, Customer Satisfaction surveys or a combination of tactics. At StellaService we think it’s not about having data- it’s about having the right data to generate actionable insights, and this team will ensure you are maximizing your in-store investment.



National reach

We maintain a network of more 100,000 shopping analysts around the country. These analysts span every different demographic group, which ensures that we have flexibility to quickly and effectively staff up in-store data collection on your behalf, on demand. The scale of this network means that every shop can be conducted anonymously, by analysts who fit the demographic profile of your existing customers. We are proud of our nationwide reach, but even more proud of the quality of our analysts. Each analyst in our network is given a quality score, which is updated after every shop. We have rigorous quality criteria and only the best of the best will be put to work for you.

Activating data

Stella Metrics In-Store data will quickly form a foundational part of your business. In addition to the online dashboards which you and your team can access 24/7, our insights team will work in partnership with you to uncover actionable insights. These insights can be used to drive business decisions and to inform bonus and commission payments for your front-line team.



Case Studies

Why Stella Metrics In-Store?


Increase visibility

Access objective data that reveals the quality of the shopping experience across your individual stores.


Inform incentive plans

Use store- and interaction-level data to help inform team motivation, recognition and incentive programs.


Drive brand consistency

Ensure your brand is represented in a consistent and compliant way across your individual stores.

Train your contact center using feedback direct from customers

Identify coachable moments

Access interaction-level details that enable you to develop customized training and coaching programs.


Improve customer satisfaction

Use the insights from our in-store data to optimize performance and continually delight customers.


Increase sales

Identify and proactively address barriers to purchase that exist across different demographic groups.

Stella Metrics In-Store FAQ

No, that is just one part of the objective data that we collect. We also monitor store conditions, pricing and compliance to give you a complete picture of the experience for customers from the moment they arrive at your store to the moment they leave. Every in-store data collection program will be fully customized to meet your specific needs.
Yes, competitive analysis is a really useful way to benchmark your own performance and understand the areas you need to improve. We often encourage clients to conduct competitive analysis at the outset of a program to help define the areas that need to be focused on in their own data collection programs.
No, some clients will buy just Mystery Shopping, Customer Intercepts or Customer Satisfaction Surveys, some will buy a combination of the three. We will work with you at the outset of the program to identify the solutions that best meet your objectives and budget.
Our team has decades of experience developing and optimizing customized in-store programs. The first step will be to understand what you’re looking to achieve at a corporate and store level. Once we understand your objectives, we will then develop a proposed data collection methodology.
Not at all. Just as customer attitudes change, so too will your business objectives. Your program will evolve as your business changes. With that said, we always recommend clients keep a portion of their programs consistent. This helps you identify changes in performance over time.
‘Mystery’ shopping needs to be just that. That’s why we maintain a network of more than 100,000 different shoppers. Even if your store is in a small rural location and you have specific demographic requirements for shoppers, we still have enough depth to ensure shoppers aren’t recognized. Quality is never sacrificed in this process. Every shop goes through a rigorous QA audit before the data points are uploaded into your platform.
Up to a point. You can specify the demographic traits of the shopper, but we take it from there. We want to make the process as frictionless as possible, which is why we assume the heavy lifting of selecting, managing and auditing the shoppers being used to complete your program.
The data we collect on your behalf is exclusively yours - no other StellaService client can access it. You also have total flexibility over who in your organization can access the data. We have tiered access within our platform which means you can allow store managers to only access data on their store, whereas your corporate team can access aggregate as well as store-level data.
Stella Metrics In-Store can be used by any company that has a store footprint. That could be a single store or thousands of locations. We also work with brands running outdoor customer activations, such as sporting events or fairs. Our clients span multiple industry sectors - you can find out more over at our clients page.
We can develop in-store programs to meet virtually any budget. As part of our initial discovery process, we will understand exactly what you are looking to achieve and what budget you have available. We will then develop the most effective program that fits within your budget.
Having a large, existing network of shoppers means we can activate campaigns incredibly quickly. From agreement of a scope of work, we can be collecting data within 5 to 10 business days.
Our focus is to combine speed with quality. After data is collected and uploaded into our system it goes through our quality assurance process. Only once an interaction has passed this process is it included within your dashboard. This process typically takes no more than 24-48 hours.