ROI-Focused In-Store Mystery Shopping

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The retail landscape is evolving. Rapidly. Stella Metrics In-Store ensures you stay two steps ahead.

Scale You Can Count On

We operate a network of more than 100,000 mystery shopping analysts around the country. This scale ensures that every audit we conduct for you will be executed by a shopper who fits the specific demographic profile of your customers.

Mystery Shop

Customer Experience Management

It’s About Quantity AND Quality

Quality control is the Achilles Heel of many mystery shopping providers. Not Stella Metrics. We combine a rigorous human and algorithmic QA process with a proprietary scoring methodology for every shopper in our network. We won’t be beaten on data accuracy.

Delivering In-Store ROI

Our in-store mystery shopping programs are designed specifically to deliver actionable insights that improve top- and bottom-line performance. We will work in partnership with you to set goals and continually optimize your in-store experience based on real-time objective and customer data.

Suggestive Selling

Customer Intercepts

Combining objective data with customer insights

Our 1:1 Customer Intercepts complement our objective mystery shopping audits. Use Intercepts to get feedback on new store concepts, understand why shoppers are / are not purchasing your products, and uncover insights into what customers would change about your in-store experience.

Working in Partnership With You

At StellaService we believe it’s not about having data – it’s about having the right data to generate actionable insights and drive measurable change. Our team of in-store specialists will guide you through program creation and advise on the right blend of solutions to meet your specific business objectives.

Customer Experience Management

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Why Stella Metrics In-Store?

Mystery Shopping

Increase visibility

Access objective data that reveals the quality of the shopping experience across your individual stores.

Contact Center Solutions

Inform incentive plans

Use store- and interaction-level data to help inform team motivation, recognition and incentive programs.

Suggestive Selling

Drive brand consistency

Ensure your brand is represented in a consistent and compliant way across your individual stores.

Customer Experience Management

Identify coachable moments

Access interaction-level details that enable you to develop customized training and coaching programs.

Customer Experience Management

Improve customer satisfaction

Use the insights from our in-store data to optimize performance and continually delight customers.

Proactive Customer Service

Increase sales

Identify and proactively address barriers to purchase that exist across different demographic groups.

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