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Deep Insights. Deep Value

Our shopping analysts will measure every aspect of your delivery, return, and refund process. Metrics that are measured include the speed of delivery, the shipping methods used, your return policies, whether you include prepaid return shipping labels, speed of refunds, and much more. Our shopping analysts are spread across four geographic regions around the country, giving you a fully representative view of the customer experience and highlighting any regional weaknesses that exist.



Measuring the Out of Box Experience

In addition to the logistical side of the fulfillment process, our analysts will also focus on the quality of the out-of-box experience. We will record the materials that are used for packing products and make an objective assessment on the package fit and the overall quality of the packing. All orders are photographed, putting you directly in the shoes of your customers.

Omnichannel Measurement

Customers today are using multiple touch points when it comes to ordering, receiving and returning products. Our unique omnichannel capabilities enable you to effectively measure this cross-channel experience. We can develop custom data collection projects that measure initiatives such as buy online pickup in-store and buy online return in-store. So, whether you are still developing your omnichannel offering, or are looking to test the effectiveness of existing capabilities, we can provide insights that add significant value to your fulfillment operation.



Performance Benchmarking

Our StellaService Ecommerce Index will provide you with valuable benchmarking data on every aspect of your fulfillment process. Every standard fulfillment data point we collect on your ecommerce business is also collected on the 30 companies in the Ecommerce Index. This provides constantly updated insights into how you stack up across hundreds of speed, quality and policy metrics.

Why Stella Metrics Fulfillment?


Understand speed and quality

Build a complete picture into a broad range of speed and quality metrics across your fulfillment operation.


Benchmark your performance

See how the performance of your fulfillment operation compares to 30 other other service leaders.


Shape policies and investments

Use our fulfillment data to shape policies, investment decisions and vendor selection across your fulfillment operation.


Hold third-parties accountable

Track the performance of your third-party vendors and use the insights to hold them accountable.


Measure omnichannel consistency

Understand the effectiveness of your omnichannel offering and the consistency of your service for customers.


Understand regionality and seasonality

Highlight regional and seasonal variations and use the insights to help guide your strategic planning.