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Objective Measurement

Stella Metrics Contact Center data is collected by a team of service analysts around the world. This team will stress-test your phone, email and chat channels every day, measuring a complete range of speed and quality metrics. Hundreds of data points are collected through these interactions providing unmatched, objective visibility into your service performance.



Benchmarking Performance

Service operations too often operate in a vacuum. With Stella Metrics, you can benchmark your service and operational performance against a curated Index of 30 service leaders. This rich, syndicated data provides valuable and constantly updated comparisons for your own contact center data. You can use this benchmarking data to highlight areas for improvement and investment.

Custom Data Collection

No two contact center operations are alike, which is why we provide the option for fully customized data collection. Custom data collection programs will be tailored to your specific business objectives and will run alongside our standard data collection process. Combining these two datasets ensures you can continue to benchmark your performance, while simultaneously collecting insights that are fully customized for your business. Custom data collection can be collected year round or for a specific timeframe, such as around busy buying periods like the holidays.




Activating Data and Driving ROI

Data is nothing without insights. Our Insights team will work hand in hand with you to uncover deep, actionable insights that you can use to drive sales and performance improvements. These insights will focus on your specific objectives, whether you’re working towards becoming a service leader, driving efficiencies, or boosting sales by tracking metrics like ‘offering to complete a transaction’ across your front-line team. Stella’s Insights team is always at the bleeding edge of the customer service industry and is regularly called on by the media to provide commentary and analysis on industry trends.

Real-Time Dashboards

Data collected through our service analysts flows directly into fully customizable dashboards. As well as delivering a macro view into overall performance across different phone, chat and email channels, you can use these dashboards to uncover interaction-level insights at an agent level. These granular insights help power customized training, development and recognition programs.



Service-Driven Marketing

The power and value of Stella Metrics data is recognized across the industry. As a Stella Metrics client, your service data can be included as part of a feed syndicated to Google. This feed drives Google’s Seller Ratings program which can deliver significant uplift in the performance of your AdWords campaigns. Each year, StellaService also awards best-in-class service performers with its prestigious Elite Award. These Awards can help highlight your commitment to customer service excellence and can be used to drive sales.

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Many of the world's largest brands rely on Stella Metrics to measure and optimize service performance

Why Stella Metrics Contact Center?


Customized training

Use objective data to identify areas for improvement and use the insights to create more customized training programs.

Improve Customer Satisfaction & Customer Retention With Stella Connect

Improve service performance

Leverage the constant flow of data and insights to continually improve your service performance.


Turn great service into sales

Further raise the profile of service in your organization by using your great service to drive measurable sales.


Motivate your team

Use interaction-level data to call out top performers, and celebrate successes with your team as you achieve performance improvements.


Benchmark your performance

Understand how you stack up against service leaders and use the insights to inform investment priorities.


Drive Efficiencies

Save money by uncovering operational inefficiencies across your phone, email and chat channels.

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Stella Metrics Contact Center FAQ

Pricing for Stella Metrics is completely custom, and is based on factors like the level and depth of access as well as support level required. Contact us see a demo and to get a quote based on your specific needs.
CSat and NPS surveys are valuable tools (and ones that we offer through both Stella Metrics and Stella Connect), but the data collected is subjective and cannot be accurately benchmarked against competitors or specific best-in-class performers. Stella Metrics data is 100% objective, unbiased and consistent.
While most companies have at least a basic understanding of their own service performance, it’s impossible to judge how good or bad that is without looking at industry benchmarking. Benchmarking against service leaders and category innovators helps clients stay ahead of trends, identify blind spots, and maximize the speed and quality of their service operations.
Standard access to Stella Metrics includes data on your company as well as the 30 retailers in the StellaService Ecommerce Index. If specific companies outside the Index are of interest, measurement can be added on a custom basis.
StellaService analysts are trained to ask questions about products, policies, and where applicable, omnichannel offerings. We will work with you at the outset of a relationship to help shape the questions that we ask. We want to ensure that these questions are representative for your business, while also enabling us to benchmark your performance.
Each customer care interaction is evaluated on both speed and quality. In terms of speed, analysts measure how quickly a live agent is reached, how long the interaction lasts, and the length of any hold times or transfers, among other things. On the quality side, measurements include professionalism, product and policy knowledge, and issue resolution, just to name a few.