Our Methodology

The data collected by StellaService to power our Stella Metrics product is gathered by trained shopping analysts. The data helps shoppers buy with confidence and provides companies with insights that can be used to drive continual service improvements.

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Customer Care: Measuring Every Service Channel

StellaService’s global team of service analysts interact with companies’ contact centers every day. Members of this team pose as real customers and stress test the performance of companies’ phone, email and chat channels. The team measures both speed and quality metrics, providing unmatched visibility into service performance.



Fulfillment: Measuring Delivery and Returns

In addition to measuring the performance of contact centers, StellaService’s team of analysts also gather ongoing performance data on companies’ fulfillment operations. Products are ordered and returned across multiple regions, giving an accurate measure of speed, quality and policies. Companies use the data to build an objective picture of their shipping, packaging, return and refund experience.

Profile Pages and the Stella Metrics Platform

Data collected through our service analysts appears on profile pages, allowing shoppers to buy with confidence. For companies, the data flows directly into fully customizable dashboards within our Stella Metrics platform. This platform delivers a macro view into overall performance, as well as interaction-level insights at an agent level. These granular insights help power continual service improvements.

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Activating Stella Metrics Data

Stella Metrics data is licensed by Google and used to power Seller Ratings (the stars that appear beside ads on Google’s search results pages). Seller Ratings help shoppers to understand service performance, and help companies increase the performance of their advertising.

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Companies Around the World Use Stella Metrics to Highlight Their Commitment to Service and Drive Continual Performance Improvements