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Capture real-time customer feedback

Stella Connect customer feedback requests are sent after every service interaction. Customers can rate the quality of their interaction, leave a comment, share areas for improvement and suggest a reward for a job well done. Feedback requests include a picture and brief bio of the front-line team member, which builds a more personal connection and drives response rates of 40%+.

Capture Customer Feedback With Stella Connect

“The 40% response rates through Stella Connect are literally unheard of in customer satisfaction scoring.”

Clay Singley, Director of Member Services,

Monitor your customer service team in real-time with the Stella Connect flow dashboard

Motivate your front-line team

After customers respond to Stella Connect customer requests, feedback flows into streams that front-line team members have in front of them throughout their day. The combination of positive feedback and votes for rewards increases team motivation, improves customer service performance and helps reduce employee churn.

“Our advisers love the constant stream of feedback they’re getting directly from customers, and it’s had a tangible, positive impact on morale and service performance.”

Chris Spencer, Head of Support, Marks & Spencer

Transform your QA program

Team managers and QA leads can view real-time customer feedback on individual team members. With 40%+ response rates, managers can get more visibility into team performance than ever before. For QA managers, the constant stream of customer feedback means they can focus more of their time on training and coaching and less time monitoring individual interactions.

Monitor your customer success team's performance and provide customer service training

“With Stella Connect our QA team is able to spend more time coaching CSRs on their emails and chats since the customers do most of the phone call QA work for them.”

Jennifer Grim, Director of Customer Service, UncommonGoods

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