Introducing the Stella Connect Star of the Week

At Stella Connect, our mission is to use real-time customer feedback to drive engagement and motivation across front-line teams. As part of our focus on highlighting great customer feedback, we’re introducing a new blog series: Stella Connect Star of the Week.

Each week, we’ll highlight an amazing piece of feedback a customer has submitted through Stella Connect. These pieces of feedback help illuminate the amazing work that front-line staffers are doing every single day.

Our inaugural Stella Connect Star of the Week winner is Jill at Birchbox, who received this comment from a customer:

“Jill was pleasant, quick to find me a solution, and took the time to make me feel like a valued customer. I adore Birchbox, especially your customer service. Honestly, I would literally buy everything I need from Birchbox… feel like stocking paper towels and garden mulch? I’ll buy it from you.”

Congratulations, Jill and Birchbox! Keep up the great work.