ICC/Decision Services in Now Part of StellaService. Creating A New Force in Omnichannel Measurement and Optimization.

We are excited to announce that ICC/Decision Services has been acquired by StellaService. The acquisition brings together two leaders in objective service measurement and creates an omnichannel product suite that spans stores, contact centers and ecommerce fulfillment.


About StellaService

StellaService is a venture backed company that collects service and operational data across contact centers and ecommerce fulfillment operations. The company works with clients including Williams-Sonoma, Lands’ End and Ralph Lauren and has built its reputation on the quality of its data and its close working relationships with clients; values we live by at ICC. Learn more about StellaService and our new combined offering.

Why the acquisition makes sense

Today’s consumers don’t think in silos and nor should any company that is passionate about great service. We know that many of you are already executing omnichannel strategies, and we want to provide you with the critical data and insights to help ensure your success. The acquisition means we can now measure and optimize service and operational performance across not only contact centers and ecommerce fulfillment, but stores as well.


StellaService: Your Questions Answered

We know that expanding into omnichannel measurement and optimization is vital as we continue to maximize the value we deliver to our clients. StellaService is a logical fit as the company shares our passion for quality and our commitment to working with clients to deliver insights and not just data. We have collaborated with StellaService on multiple studies in the past.
The ICC brand will be sunsetted and our existing in-store solutions will be branded as ‘Stella Metrics In-Store’. While the ICC brand is being sunsetted, our commitment to delivering the highest quality data and the deepest most actionable insights remain totally unchanged.
That depends on you! We will continue to offer our products independently. Clients can buy Stella Metrics In-Store, Stella Metrics Contact Center, Stella Metrics Fulfillment, or a combination of the three. As the world becomes increasingly channel agnostic, we believe that having an effective omnichannel strategy is more important than ever and that means collecting and activating data across channels. We want to ensure we are ready to support and add value to all of your omnichannel initiatives.
No, all of your contacts at ICC remain unchanged. In addition, you’ll now have the ability to tap a broader network of ecommerce thought leaders and we’d love to make introductions and to spend time brainstorming your omnichannel strategy with you.
No, not at all. Aside from a rebrand, your existing platform and the way we collect and QA data will remain unchanged. Adding contact center and fulfillment data collection would be an addition to our existing partnership.
All new invoices will have a new remittance address with StellaService’s details moving forward. Please pay any outstanding invoices based on the ICC address appearing on that invoice.
Over time, the ICC team will be moving into Stella’s NYC headquarters. The particulars of any changes to email addresses, phone numbers, etc. will be shared as soon as they are confirmed. Please continue to use our existing contact details until that time.
As always, your Client Services Manager is on hand to help, or you can get in touch with Melissa MacAlister by phone (646.218.9647) or email (melissa@stellaservice.com).

We’d love to share more about our new omnichannel solutions and how they can benefit your business. Request a demo today: