Humanizing customer service: the $1.6 trillion opportunity

Earlier this month, Accenture released a study with findings that have far reaching implications for any business that offers customer service. The study – Digital Disconnect in Customer Engagement – highlights the huge importance of human connections in customer service.

According to the study, 83% of U.S. shoppers prefer dealing with human beings rather than digital-only channels when it comes to solving customer service issues. The report found that over half (52%) of people have switched brand allegiances in the past year as a result of poor customer service, and that the estimated cost of this switching is a massive $1.6 trillion. Put that another way: having a well optimized, humanized customer service operation creates a $1.6 trillion opportunity.

These are big and significant numbers and this report should make customer service professionals really sit up and take notice. The findings validate what we’ve long been trumpeting here at StellaService: human interactions remain a crucial component of customer service.

How are you humanizing your brand in today’s increasingly digital-first world?

Are you offering phone, chat and email customer support? Are these support channels available at times that are convenient for your customers? Are your sales and service reps properly trained and empowered to improve the customer experience? If you answer yes to all of these questions that’s great, however this level of service is increasingly becoming table stakes. What else could you be doing?

With Stella Connect, you can actually put a human face on your sales and service operations. With Stella Connect, feedback requests sent after every customer interaction include a photo and brief bio of the sales or service rep who spoke to the customer.

This simple way of humanizing customer service creates deeper personal connections, which have a significant impact. Our clients see response rates to these feedback requests of up to 60%. These sky-high response rates are 400-500% higher than traditional, ‘non-humanized’ post interaction surveys and are largely driven by the human connections created between you and your customer. This huge volume of real-time customer feedback can then be used to motivate and engage your team, transform your existing QA process and continually improve the service you deliver.

Humanizing service through Stella Connect surveys has also been proven to deliver measurable business results. Clients have seen increased conversion rates and improved speed to conversion when customers receive Stella Connect feedback requests.

According to Accenture, once you lose a customer through poor service, over two thirds (68%) will never come back. Are you doing everything you can to make sure you’re delivering best-in-class service experiences during each interaction?

Find out more about how Stella Connect can supercharge your front-line team here.

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