Data Insights: Live Chat Outpaces Email Support

Gone are the days of waiting days for a response from customer service: today’s customers demand immediate responses. Based on data collected by StellaService analysts over the past three years, online retailers are increasingly leveraging live chat support to help them rise to meet this challenge.

In 2014, 98% of retailers in the StellaService Ecommerce Index offered email support, while just 85% offered chat support. Fast forward to 2016, and the tables have turned with 87% of the Index offering email support and 90% offering chat support.

According to Kevon Hills, StellaService VP of Research, there are a few key drivers behind this shift:

  • Chat offers real-time solutions to questions
  • Low customer effort is required to engage in chat and customers can multitask while chatting
  • Customer satisfaction is higher in chat than email
  • Millennials prefer live chat

With over half of the chats initiated by StellaService analysts receiving responses within 15 seconds, it’s easy to see why consumers are attracted to this channel.