Collect Actionable Feedback That Drives Customer Satisfaction

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StellaService provides customer satisfaction survey tools that you can use to collect real-time feedback across your stores and ecommerce operation.


NPS and customer satisfaction surveys

Long- and short-form customer satisfaction surveys that can be triggered to specific customer segments. Surveys can be sent via email or distributed via store receipts or QR codes.


Feedback on front-line team performance

Our Stella Connect product enables you to capture real-time feedback on the performance of your front-line team after every service interaction. Use the insights to motivate your team and drive customer satisfaction.


In-depth, one-to-one customer feedback

Our Customer Intercepts enable you to collect more in-depth insights than traditional satisfaction surveys through one-to-one interviews conducted with customers in store settings.

Developing your satisfaction survey

Our Insights team has extensive experience building customer satisfaction surveys for clients across a range of industries. This team will work with you to recommend the correct customer satisfaction survey to use and the optimal cadence. The team will then develop custom satisfaction survey questions designed to uncover the most actionable insights.



Activating your satisfaction survey responses

We offer customizable dashboards that enable you to easily uncover the insights behind the customer satisfaction data. At StellaService we believe that customer feedback can be used to drive change right across the organization. We create executive dashboards that provide an at-a-glance summary of data for the C-Suite, through to more granular dashboards for managers and operators. We also provide real-time streams of customer feedback directly to your front-line staffers. These feedback streams help drive team motivation and boost morale and engagement.

Humanizing and Gamifying Customer Feedback

Customer satisfaction surveys shouldn’t be a burden to complete. We can include front-line team pictures and bios as well as gamified elements like reward suggestions as part of your customer satisfaction surveys. These more humanized and gamified elements help to build deeper customer relationships and drive sky-high response rates.