Build a More Engaged,
Higher-Performing Front-Line Team


Collecting Customer Feedback

Up to 50% response rates. Agent-level performance insights. We’re not a traditional VoC tool, but we’ve certainly cracked the code of collecting actionable customer feedback.

Humanize Interactions

Including a photo and bio humanizes your brand and drives 30-50% response rates.

Actionable Insights

Comments and star ratings deliver high volumes of agent-level performance insights.

Customer-Directed Rewards

Rewards gamify the experience and drive motivation across your front-line team.

Gather Deeper CX Insights

Measure first contact resolution, Net Promoter Scores or other CX metrics.

Capture Areas for Improvement

Create micro-coaching opportunities following sub par service experiences.

Use Service to Drive Sales

Encourage customers to share their positive experiences across social.

Real-Time Feedback Streams

Customer feedback flows into real-time streams, which agents have open in front of them throughout their day. Manager versions of these streams provide a real-time pulse on individual agent performance and highlight opportunities for in-the-moment micro-coaching.

Customizable Feedback Alerts

Customizable desktop and email alerts ensure your managers and QA team never miss a piece of negative feedback.

Agent-Level Performance Dashboards

Agent dashboards provide an aggregate view of performance and power more effective 1:1 meetings and reviews. All data points on these dashboards can be drilled into to reveal the related customer feedback.

Performance Leaderboards

Leaderboards highlight top performing agents and create a culture of friendly competition across your front-line team. Dashboards are available in the app and optimized for display on screens around your contact center.

Team Dashboards

Team dashboards provide managers with a detailed snapshot of overall team metrics and the performance of individual agents. Dashboards prioritize where coaching and positive reinforcement are needed most.

Company Dashboards

Company dashboards deliver a detailed, macro view of performance across your entire front-line team and provide a springboard to dive into more specific performance insights.

Out of the Box Integrations

Turnkey CRM integrations can be configured in under an hour enabling feedback requests to be automatically triggered to customers when tickets are closed. Integrations also enable details about individual interactions to flow from your CRM into Connect Streams and Dashboards, adding a richer layer of performance insights.

Flexible Exports

A data return API enables your Stella Connect insights to easily flow into any third-party system, from BI and CEM tools to marketing automation platforms. This feature enables customer insights to be harnessed by other teams outside your contact center.