Learn How CARiD Gamifies Customer Service with Stella Connect

Retail industry publication Total Retail recently featured a post about how CARiD uses Stella Connect to motivate agents, increase sales and decrease negative reviews:

“Major explains that CARiD has three different customer groups: the automotive enthusiast, the mechanic or auto body professional, or car owners who need parts quickly. CARiD asks these customers to review and rate each customer service experience they have with the brand.

Depending on the rating, customers are allowed to ‘virtually tip’ their customer service agent or give constructive criticism. For example, if the customer’s rating is four or five stars, the customer has the opportunity to buy the agent lunch — paid for by CARiD. If the rep is only given a one- or two-star rating, the customer is asked to explain why they gave a low score.

‘This allows us to give agents some real, tangible feedback,’ says Major. ‘We want to recognize the times when people are happy with us — we love that. But it’s more of an opportunity when they’re not happy with us.’ “

Read the full post here.