Two recent news stories raised a lot of eyebrows in the retail industry. One was Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods; the other was the announcement that UPS will charge higher […]

Survey fatigue is a serious condition. And it always begins the same way. First comes the rash of emails asking for feedback about a brand encounter that happened days earlier. […]

How well have mystery shopping companies (aka secret shopper companies) served your brand in the past? Is your current mystery shopping program paying off? Most retail brands embrace the concept […]

When it comes to measures of brand loyalty, Net Promoter Score (NPS) is king. Many customer-facing companies obsess over their Net Promoter Score, always searching for that magic formula that […]

We enjoyed meeting and sharing ideas with like-minded professionals at the ICMI conference in Orlando in May, but we’re also looking ahead to the next great industry event: this year’s […]

Let’s talk like engineers for a minute. Your VoC data collection program is an engine. It’s designed to drive your company’s success. There’s input (investment) and output (ROI + waste). Your […]

This year’s ICMI Contact Center Expo & Conference in Orlando (May 22-25) promises to be quite an event. The lineup of presenters, the industry topics, the onsite learning opportunities—all are […]

Suppose you’re a pilot who’s preparing a flight plan. For the sake of safety and efficiency, you need to understand current weather conditions and how weather patterns are moving and […]

It’s great to see so many brands adopting and developing new in-store technologies. Not just for the sake of wowing customers, but to engage them and serve them well. Frankly, […]

As George Orwell might say, some brands’ live chat channels are more equal than others. How wide is the performance gap? Our StellaService Ecommerce Index studies show progress across the […]

A quick survey of the retail landscape can make you queasy, or even depressed. Unless you’re scoping for opportunities. Not an easy thing to do if you’re hunkered down and […]

Recently, I stumbled upon a terrific article in the Harvard Business Review, “Kick-Ass Customer Service.” (The title alone makes the article a must read.) In it, the authors do two […]

Awards Recognize Retailers for Best-In-Class Customer Service Across Phone, Email, Chat, Shipping and Returns StellaService, the leader in helping companies to grow through better service, today announced the release of […]

No matter what your customer experience looks like, the journey with your brand should be easy and engaging. It’s exactly what your customers want, expect, and deserve. Including—or especially—those customers […]

Earlier this month, we had the opportunity to host a roundtable session with a cross-section of service leaders at the Customer Response Summit in Las Vegas. The roundtable focused on […]