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Amazon: How High Will the Bar Get?

At Retreat & Disrupt, an event for senior retail executives held in California earlier this summer, Stella’s CEO Jordy Leiser, spoke on a panel about Amazon and the future of retail. To help drive the conversation, Stella analysts reviewed the objective CX data we collect on Amazon, and conducted desk research into the areas where Amazon is currently being most disruptive.

The outputs of this analysis is included in a detailed fact sheet, which you can download here. In this fact sheet, we cover:

Amazon vs. Google:
How the war for search dominance is evolving and how AI in the home is the new frontier.

Amazon’s Big Bet on Grocery:
The impact of Amazon’s Whole Foods acquisition and how it will enable the company to capitalize on changing buying behaviors.

Customer Service Trends:
A possible chink in the Amazon armor? How emerging brands can leverage customer service to differentiate and win.

Private Label:
Insights into an area of Amazon’s business that is still largely underreported. How the category is growing for Amazon and the impact it is having on established category leaders.

Want to learn more? Download our data-rich fact sheet on Amazon here.

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