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The information that powers StellaService products is collected by trained analysts that follow a strict evaluation process.

We address every service channel

StellaService poses customer service questions daily via phone, email and live chat. StellaService Analysts measure for both speed and quality. Sample metrics:


  • Total Time to Live Agent
  • Total Time on Hold
  • Total Handle Time


  • Product & Policy Knowledge
  • Professionalism & Attention to Detail
  • Issue Resolution

We measure from warehouse to welcome mat

StellaService places orders each month to be delivered in four separate regions. Sample metrics:


  • Actual Delivery Time
  • Order Processing Time
  • Time from Return Initiation to Warehouse
  • Time from Warehouse Receipt to Refund
  • Time from Return Initiation to Refund


  • Overall Shipping Experience
  • Package Quality
  • Out-of-box Experience (with Pictures)
  • Return Experience
  • Refund Experience

Facts about StellaService

54,000 emails

We caught 4,900 spelling errors*

11,800 products ordered

We used 12 miles of packing tape for returns*

49 days on hold

We spent 17 days navigating IVRs*

*Data collected in 2013

Customer Service Measurement Process Audit

StellaService-trained analysts conduct each evaluation according to strict execution and measurement procedures within the StellaService Customer Service Measurment Process. Further, all data collected throughout the process is subject to strict quality assurance to ensure accuracy and consistency. Global auditing and advisory firm KPMG conducts an annual audit of StellaService's process. The examination by KPMG is conducted in accordance with the attestation standards established by the American Institute of Certified Accountants.

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